Welcome to Embrace Employee Engagement Consultancy

Helping your company to embrace change; encouraging constructive growth in a changing business

At Embrace we help companies overcome culture shifts in the workplace. Whether your company is growing rapidly, is going through management changes, restructuring or simply adapting to new business models – Embrace can help you manage your workplace culture to provide new insights and foster growth and development.

Common issues we can help resolve


Our Services

We help companies in various developmental stages manage change more effectively to improve work culture and staff performance.


We help you improve your company performance and encourage staff through Problem Analysis, Employee Engagement & People Development


Our Approach

Our approach is to make you the instigator of internal culture shifts

Through direct 1 on 1 coaching we help guide you through key processes and realignment strategies that will help you empower your workforce and use change as a positive force within your organisation


  • Catherine has literally revolutionised my working week! Initially saving me 12 hours a week - but get this, am now working just 1 day a week on technical stuff and have 4 days a week to work on me, build my business and enjoy life - feels amazing!

    Leo Cawley, St Albans
  • Catherine carried out an Employee Engagement Health Check for us a few months ago. We were impressed with how quickly Catherine understood the ethos of our business and her ability to analyse the results of her discussions with our staff. As a result of the Health Check we have introduced new procedures within our business and are continuing to develop strategies with Catherine’s review very much in our minds. We would have no hesitation in recommending Catherine, a professional and pleasant service from start to finish.

    Alison Rowley, Partner Hepburn Delaney
  • We now have work force that are empowered, can think for themselves, feel more secure in their jobs as result of seeing their own progression and value to the business.  Process is becoming simple and automatic and the THOMPSON@Darcy’s way.

    Marianne, owner Thompson @ Darcy